Ecô Energy Management System

Ecô is a browser-based energy management system that uses a personal computer to replace hardware control devices, monitor system performance, and generate service alerts.

Eco Screen

Residential & Commercial

Ecô introduces intelligent climate control technologies to the residential and small commercial HVAC marketplace.  The first system of its kind, Ecô delivers energy management capabilities that rival or exceed large-scale systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Replaces Hardware Control Devices

Ecô uses software to replace expensive and complicated hardware control devices.  Complex HVAC systems including geothermal, radiant, solar, and fresh air exchange can be controlled and monitored by one device. 

With an Internet connection, this virtual control device can be accessed from any web browser in the world. The system is optimized to display on tablets and smart phones.

The Ecô system consists of the enclosure which includes a server, one or more I/O blocks, optical touch-screen monitor. and a DC power supply. External temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and/or communicating thermostats provide the information to the system.

Manage Strategic Profiles

Ecô allows users to modify climate control strategies to accommodate individual levels of comfort. For radiant heating, users can select from different control strategies including constant circulation, slab sensor or T-Stat control, outdoor reset, proportional reset, or return water temperature differential.  

Ecô optimizes and manages the combined use of forced-air and radiant systems to achieve ideal comfort, energy savings, and strategic use of energy resources

Real-Time Monitoring & Service Alerts

Ecô provides automatic monitoring and reports problems to the property owner or service company via email or text messaging.  Service organizations can remotely diagnose maintenance issues and assist users without a site visit.


System Performance Data

Eco GraphEcô accumulates historical data for analysis and generates real-time performance information.

The Ecô system empowers consumers to
reduce personal energy consumption.


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