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Eagle Mountain manufactures and provides a full line of radiant products for the HVAC industry. Our products have been proven with decades of experience in all types of applications.

Radiantmax OS - Overfloor System
The Radiantmax OS overfloor radiant heating system is designed for the installation of a radiant system over the sub-floor. Our system provides the highest output for over-the-floor type radiant systems for the lowest per square foot cost in the industry. Our system uses ½" tubing on 8" centers which creates very even floor temperatures at lower water temps. It also has the ability to handle large load areas without the need for tighter spacing or supplemental heat.

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Radiantmax Overfloor System.pdf
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Overfloor System

The Radiantmax OS system is a 5/8" total thickness. We don't include the 5/8" furring strips with our system since the shipping is expensive and many types of 5/8" material can be used. All of the 5/8" material options can be purchased locally at any building supplier. Our designers provide a complete layout of the system, including manifold locations and zoning.

Overfloor Radiant Heating SystemOverfloor Radiant Heating System


Overfloor Radiant Heating SystemLoop CAD Drawing

Radiantmax Slab Systems

Eagle Mountain provides complete slab systems for any application. We include all the components necessary for a complete installation including items such as manifolds, wire ties, and sleeves to protect the tubing as it passes into the slab.

Radiantmax Slab Systems.pdf

Underfloor System

Underfloor System

Radiantmax US - Underfloor System

Underfloor System


The Radiantmax US Underfloor System is designed for the installation of a radiant heat system underneath the sub-floor. Eagle Mountain includes all the parts necessary to install a complete under-floor radiant heating system, including Radiantmax aluminum heat transfer plates and Astro-Foil reflective insulation. 1/2" BPEX tubing on 8" centers increases radiant heat transfer by over 30 percent.

Radiantmax US Underfloor System.pdf

Radiantmax BPEX Radiant Tubing
Radiantmax BPEX tubing is the brand that is built to last. The superior quality and reliability of In-floor BPEX tubing (oxygen barrier) starts at the molecular level. "Cross linking" creates bonds between individual molecular strands, resulting in a tube with maximum temperature and chemical resistance.

Radiantmax BPEX Tubing.pdf

BPEX Radiant Tubing

BPEX Radiant Tubing

Low Cost 25 year warranty
ASTM Certified Decades of proven reliability
Oxygen Barrier Durable & Flexible
Diameter: O.D. 0.625"
I.D. 0.500”
Length: 300’
Performance Spec: 80PSI @ 200°F
100PSI @ 180°F
Standards: ASTM F1807/F2159/F2434/F876/F877
PEX 1006 SDR-9 .070CSA/B137.5 L24293 ICBO ES ER-5287

PermaPex™ Pex-Al-Pex Piping
PermaPex pipe is a unique multipurpose piping system that combines the very best features of metal and plastic pipes all in one. PermaPex piping is a composite pipe made with an aluminum core bonded to interior and exterior layers of plastic. This engineered combination of materials provides the strength of metal with the longevity and durability of plastic – all in an easily handled and installed system.

PermaPex™ Pex-Al-Pex PipingToday, PermaPex is widely used throughout North America in residential and commercial plumbing, municipal water service lines, residential and industrial heating, and compressed air systems. Eagle Mountain carries a complete line of fittings for connecting the piping to any type of system needs.

In our systems, we use PermaPex for all of our supply and return piping to manifolds, air handlers, or any other remote device. PermaPex is also ideal for connecting heat pumps to the buffer tanks and hydronic panel since it dampens vibration transfer.

Radiantmax PermaPex Piping.pdf

PermaPex Chart

Diameter: I.D. 0.500”, 0.625”, 0.750”, 1.000”
O.D. 0.625”, 0.750”, 1.000”, 1.250”
Length: 1/2” available in 100’, all other sizes available in 100’ and 300’ rolls
Performance Spec: 200PSI @ 73°F, 125PSI @ 180°F
Standards: [CNFUS-PW] (ASTM F1281)UPC CSA/B1237.10 POTABLE


Stainless Steel Manifolds

Radiantmax Stainless Steel manifolds are produced with high quality stainless steel. These manifolds are used in all of our radiant heating systems to distribute water or glycol to heat floors. This manifold is our most popular manifold for radiant heating and cooling applications and now come with upgraded flow meters to improve the functionality and readability of flow. The new double O-ring design allows for a more stable sealing performance. The flow meter cap has also been revamped to improve user experience and also redesigned for simpler assembly and disassembly. The see-through housing with marked flow rates on the flow meter has been upgraded to a thicker material, making it more durable. All these upgrades allow for higher accuracy with the flow meter reading.

Stainless Steel Manifolds.pdf

Underfloor SystemCopper Manifolds