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Ecô Energy Management System

Ecô is a computer-based management system that provides complete mechanical system control, monitors system performance, and actively maintains all aspects of complex system control. Our Ecô Control System provides the highest level of system management and control in the industry. Features such as full remote access, system error notifications, energy use management, and strategic system management, make Ecô a powerful tool for contractors.


• Complete hardware and software solution.
• Manage complex systems with custom logic.
• Access the system from anywhere, anytime.
• Self-monitoring system with multiple levels of notification.
• Customizable data collection for system analysis and performance
• Easily expandable, once people learn the capabilities, our systems seem to grow!

Ecô introduces the highest level of home management to the residential marketplace. Ecô delivers capabilities that rival or exceed large-scale systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Ecô provides small to medium sized commercial buildings with all of the capabilities of high-end building control systems for a fraction of the cost. 

Ecô uses programmed custom logic to replace hardware control devices that are traditionally used to manage building systems. Complex HVAC systems including geothermal, radiant heat and cool, forced air, solar, and fresh air exchange, can all be controlled and monitored by one system.

Remote Web Access
Ecô provides complex control technologies that can be completely operated and controlled remotely.

Climate Control

Climate Control

What Our Users Say...

Ecô is the only product I know of that can control all of our equipment so perfectly!
Richard Roth, AN Roth
Louisville, KY

This is an incredible system!
I've been in this business for 25 years and I have never seen a control system that can do what Ecô's does...
Jerry Nero, Nero Heating & AC
Hamden, CT